Self Knowledge

Could you imagine if all your friends remembered noticeable words or phrases in foreign languages and everyone would automatically teach one another by causally dropping them in conversation (because int. stimulation is the real cool), would it be possible to learn everything?

This wouldn’t immediately break the spell, but over time, as if the same level of interactivity and connectivity between distant informational topics could be connected, automatically, simply be being open to communication and interaction in intellectually stimulating and emotionally healthy ways? Wouldn’t it be interesting to design and implement a social plan based on this as a foundation, to promote and secure our wellness of mind and body?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if this was done to the point of stimulating a biological response which drew out this process and facilitated a kind of ‘superlearning’ which accelerated and expanded this process as far as the neurology and emotional health would enable?

Is this not the process through which the collective self becomes aware of itself through as many facets (angles) as it feels, and thus coming to a level of self awareness appreciably compatible or at least closer to the projection of what we call ‘consciousness”?

Focused Will, Separate from the Perpetuation of Imbalanced Consciousness

This is raw audio from a talk with the creator of the youtube channel “Sharing Consciousness”. The channel was sidelined due to increasing restrictions and may appear on another platform.

For now, this is a talk from Will, from Sharing Consciousness.

Focused Will

Vipassana Meditation Practice for Separation from the Illusion of Consciousness and the Production of a Steady, Continuous Breath of Self Awareness

Self Awareness + Compassion is Heartwave EMF

Human Love for All reprograms the system. It creates a bio emission field around the body, as the mind.

One or more people focusing on themselves and each other, at any distance, in this way create a connection that shares that effect across that distance. If enough people do this, a feedback effect could take place where there is enough energy to create a ‘standing heartwave EMF’ ‘beam’ that could be used to sweep across the entire society as each group holds their duty of maintaining this connection. It could be that the system would produce the necessary resources and parameters to then sustain that connection in large scale.

Sharing Collective

What if by remaining in enjoyment together we influence a feedback mechanism that reproduces whatever emotional trend we identify with the most? What if when people interact, they are enabling decoherence, by choosing to allow non related influences to micromanage the emotional consistency of the situation, and this promotes an invisible collective ‘trend’ that impresses or influences the emotions of everyone?

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Superluminal Heartwave EMF

What if when you hug, part of your ‘heart wave’ emf is ‘inside’ of the other ‘heart wave’ emf? What if you create a ‘heart wave’ emf multiplication through that process? What if that creates a ‘shape’ of an ‘object’ who’s function surpasses the frequency boundary of timespace?

What if by practicing the inward projection of peace, we can generate this effect from a distance?

Hyper Emotional Communication as a Form of Hypnotism

Emotions are like contagious forms of feeling. If an emotion is emitted this is received by spines in the vicinity. There is so much suffering in this society, yet, people are most disconnected as a result of the situation. Maybe this is by design?

Are people aware of themselves? This also brings up the concept that emotions are communicable expressions of consciousness which can then influence, almost to ‘rewire’ one’s personality and motivation.

This means that carefully designed emotional expressions, a whole string of them, or even a routine with it’s own sub routine optional routes dependent on the input of the ‘audience’, can be used to literally upload information about states of consciousness into that mind.

This should be alarmingly close to home when we think of advertisements, billionaire corporation dealing with commercializing human life, and the absolute proximity and domination these large businesses have over the media, products and themes that are entirely for the children.

Compassionate Awakening

If you let them talk their talk they show themselves! (it’s always at a distance from their walk)
This is not about us verse them! All is a show. You are to grow past the obstacles and mental boundaries that have been artificially inserted in your life.
In other words, if you are fighting, you are fighting someone else’s battle. The ‘fight’ is what is prized. It’s made to look like it’s the prize. It’s the lump of coal that rots the soul. “Fighting” is not what is taking place today, unless you have taken part in the free sharing of information for the Mentally Liberated Society of Earth. That is the ‘fight’, and it’s not a fight. It is informational and righteous sharing of the truth.
Those still fighting, well, be honest, who are they fighting against? If nothing needs to happen other than everyone knowing the truth, and anyone fighting is slowing that down, then what is the purpose? The purpose of the fighting is to stop the truth from being received in a safe enough mental context to encourage an awakening of self control and compassion.

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Consciousness Offset Temporal Algorithm

Consciousness is mismatched in time dimension, there is a distortion ripple that is continually readjusted through mechanism or manual operation. When you are doing, the feeling you have is building to generate the next scenario.

When you are feeling, that is generating the set up that you will choose from to make action. Closing the turn over point creates a tighter and tighter refraction delay between feeling and response which yields different informational trajectories as possible pathways.
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The Proximity of Fear and Emotional Subjectivity to the Victim Role and an Emotional Entanglement with an Oppressor

The proximity of fear and emotional subjectivity to the victim role and an emotional entanglement with an oppressor.

The idea here is that if we do happen to come to the realization that there is a kind of oppressive force working against humanity by promoting humanity’s downfall and our personal and individual destruction then our emotional reactivity to this in each scenario that is presented would further enable such control over our lives.

In short, with the given redundancy in concept, the very moment of response and reaction is a letting slip of our power and energetic sovereignty and this is then expanded upon by this parasitic process to draw more and more energy and use this as an opening from which to pry into our reality or psyche.

So the initial stemming of the process of leeching, then, is the literal immediate reaction one has upon the realization (the sight) of the leech upon their flesh. Instead of reacting with fear and indecency which gets the heart beating and produces an influx of that blood flow that the leech is seeking, we react calmly and in a contained and controlled manner to properly assess the situation and shift ourselves to a position of advantage without disrupting the current equilibrium (whatever that may be).

To recap, that idea is that if we react with personal subjectivity and emotional hostility, if we take the leech’s perspective of us personally (damn darned leech!) then we are simply buying into a subliminal process which furthers the process of allowing the entity to feed and giving it more process (whether emotional and mental [energetic] or biological) from which to draw forth and attach itself to us.

Instead, by taking careful consideration and observing the entity, the situation, and our own behavior and mindset and the influence between our reaction and the situation, we can assess the situation and properly withdraw our energies and protect ourselves.

Every heightened experience where panic or a risk was presented (snake in the grass) is a practice and preparation for this cosmic predator, which is the unchecked shadow-mind or subconscious itself.

This aspect will snarl and devour the conscious aspect into a rapture of chaos if not properly observed and put in place by a firm self-willed application of conscious observation leading to understanding and then to self-awareness which is of the larger cosmic nature of the entire process.

We are ALL infected with the parasite that feeds on the imbalanced ego (the false sense of self, the replicant, the adversary), the entire human race, every sentient being with a human brain and central nervous system.