Mentally Fasting and Natural Self-Awareness

The Rhythm of Nature

There is a way to mentally fast as well. This is what the basics of modern-day camping is all about. Instead of simply being a way to survive in the wilderness, today’s campers do so to get away from the hustle and bustle of the populated areas.

They disconnect from their electronics, at least partially, and open their senses to the continuous and rhythmic sounds, sights, sensations and smells of nature. This opens up their mind to communication with Earth and the individual living components that exist therein and this changes the composition of the human who is composed of experience and sensation to once again becoming part of Earth and the larger system.

Continuous Bombardment

When we are working in a populated area or researching online we are entirely saturated with the subliminal belief system projections, the continuous advertising and expression of repetitive and materialistic ideals of others and corporations. This is like becoming part of the machine. When the mind is constantly ready to accept this information eventually the mind beings to continually search for that next bit of information. This is like a hungry animal that is used to eating a hefty meal that contains little to no beneficial  value but tastes very good. Eventually people realize the taste is nothing compared to a healthy meal.

Each time we scroll an image feed or a video feed and look for the latest new videos or announcements we are feeding that portion of the brain which has grown through social engagement to feel fulfilled and complacent as long a we are connected to society in a meaningful way. This is literally tickling that part of the limbic system of the brain where we receive emotional response for performing or failing to meet some requirement.

False Enlightenment

This is, however, not the real thing. This can be used to attain a real level of satisfaction however the results will not always prove to enable a greater level of communication and awareness of society or more importantly the self. If one attains the knowledge of their self while alone and in nature, then how much have they truly connected to society in order to do so? Have they not entirely disconnected from society in order to find themselves the most directly?

So when we are seeking that satisfaction by continually accepting a bombardment of information, even if we feel this is socially engaging in some way, we are actually increasing the mental and emotional distance between our conscious mind and the spiritual awareness that has no identity and no pathway leading inward. The conscious mind seeks stimulation, distraction, polarity and linearity to make things clear-cut, easy to access and understand. The identity-less spiritual awareness has no form and no shape so there is no true desired pathway or method in reaching it.

There is No Path to Self Awareness

Therein lies the trick, the true pathway towards reaching this awareness is by walking backwards away from the entanglements of the conscious mind. Instead of leading ourselves forward into some path or maneuver that will reach a destination, awareness is found by quelling the desire to continually search linearly as if this is something outside of the self. Since the awareness is inside the self, then the search is not a search, but a removal of the clutter of the conscious mind. This is merely a letting go, a looking within in a split second of the nullification of the temptation and desire to continually seeking more information outward. That is the holographic structure of the brain which acts like a computer and what is a computer doing without input? Nothing! So then what happens to the conscious mind without that continual stream of input? Nothing! So now that we’ve been so worked up with engaging in such a manner what are we so keen to do? To continue that input and feed a data stream into the conscious mind so as to feel as if we are doing something. We¬†are not the conscious mind however! So how could feeding a portion of the self which is meant to look outward into the world and determine opposites help us become more secure and prosperous?

The Only Ideal is Self-Awareness

It doesn’t! It’s a trick, and it only puts the mind into a lulled state of saturation which allows one to ignore the true nature of the spiritual self which is also most likely related to some kind of reason behind not wanting to know the truth self such as a fearful event, or embarrassment about some ideals we feel we don’t live up to. All of that is illusion! It’s all inserted after the fact by external means and largely people who wish to profit off of the insecurity of others!

Is it not obvious now, how there is a complete business called ‘society’ based entirely upon bringing people out of the true spiritual awareness of the self which requires no advertisement, no addons, no colorful images or data streams but simple words that acquire and emit a rhythm of information similar to what would find in the calm, cyclic experience of being in nature? That is the business of entraining human souls to focusing on anything but the human soul.

Nature is You

The experience of nature works, because nature is you, you are a part of nature. Being in nature is synonymous with being in you. Going within yourself in a state of peaceful meditation where all that you are focusing on has to do with what you are experiencing within is similar to going into nature and simply being aware of the continuous cycles of changes that occur around you. Ultimately these cycles make their way within you, just as those data-streams of images and videos do. The difference is that these images, sensations, sounds and smells have been around for as long as you have however the images and videos of the Internet were just created yesterday.


The Duality of Destruction and Creation, Truth, Deception and Self-Empowerment

The Actions and Intentions of Those Who Lead the Way

The actions and expressions of the more wise, intelligent and experienced group of people create the ladder which is climbed by the rest of society towards the pivotal realization of what life journeys are to come.

What happens to the whole to all is shaped through an intelligent few and put to application through the many. This is the truth of social equality and outlines what is and outlined in what is provided through the more beneficial notion of social equity.When the majority of a population remains below the level of cognition that is accessed via the select few in power then that society is controlled via secrecy and the encouragement of ignorance within the majority of the population.
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“Trauma-Based Truth Control” – The Duality of Trauma and Healing

The Duality of Destruction and Creation, Truth, Deception and Self-Empowerment

What you fight, you will become. What have to be a part of the solution. We have friendship camaraderie and small groups working together without. We have to be for something, not just against it. So whatever your pet project is, do something to contribute toward the solution. Visualize what you want the world to look like for ten minutes a day. That alone is a powerful exercise in intention and the universe will bend to your will. See it clearly though, visually in full color. Action is totally important, but intention is the beginning stage.

Assuming The Power Role of the Healer Aspect

If you can laugh at it, then you can overcome it. Some are led to believe that the only people who are laughing and making light of such a serious situations are either those evil one’s enjoying it, or those profiteering one’s who initiate and benefit from the that corrupt system.
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From One Extreme to the Other, The Adaptation of the Mind

Without adaptation life is dominated by one extreme or the other. Hot and cold, extreme weather training, night and day, wake and sleep, exhaustion and relaxation, pleasure and pain. All of these are extremes of perception which shape experience. Yet if experience goes too quickly or too often from one extreme of experience to the other, the mind perceives chaos and instability and this leads to suffering and a poor decision making process.

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Alan Watts on the Involuntary and Voluntary Self

Alan Watts on the Involuntary and Voluntary Self:

It is contrast that defines experience. When of the self, it is the contrast of the other self that defines our position in relationships. When of the aspect of our own self-image, it is that which we less readily accept that defines what we hold to as our definition of identity and thus enjoyment and pleasure. This is identity and ability to enjoy is a measure of our relationship with our self and our relationship with our self’s relationship to the world.

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The Similarity Between What’s Real and What’s Imagined: The Shaman and The Trickster

The Difference Between What’s Real and What’s Imagined

The goal of the shaman, the trickster, the healer, may not necessarily be to represent the whole truth at first. Part of this task of healing may involve using a front or an appearance of something that will trigger the individuals own innate self-healing abilities.

This process can also be used to describe how some people must be ‘tricked’ into coming into awareness of the truth about certain issues regarding reality, life itself, or their own nature that they have willfully ignored for so long.

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