Emotional Healing, True Shamanism and Vampiric Etheric Ties; The Power of Voice

Healing Emotional Trauma

There are ways to work this out. Emotions must be embraced in order to heal, there are many methods for doing this to bring emotions and memories to the surface such as resonance and holographic healing with tones and meditation to bring the awareness to the right level and bring the suffering to the surface.

Opt-Out of New Connections Until Healing, Discernment, and Acknowledgement of the Situation is Achieved

A main issue is to protect one’s self from further damage from those who will pretend they are healers or friends when they are actually vampires. This is large portion of what keeps people from healing over many years. We must be able to discern energy and intentions and know who to let in. Eventually, one develops a kind of “test” that must be passed for weeks to months before even interacting on a personal or emotional level with some people. Ultimately, emotional energy is quantum energy, who we are emotional with we entangle with and people then can use these etheric ties to control and feed off of their victims energy centers. We must learn to scan the body and properly detect our own emotions and energies so that we can find the vampiric etheric ties from people we have met in the past and remove them. That person will feel the energy source drain from their life and they will either appear in the flesh or another individual will appear with the spirit of that vampire in them attempting to reroute the same etheric tie into the energy system.

The Kind and Open-Hearted Are Targeted by the Spiritually Weak

The truth is. This is not “Heaven”, this is not quite “Hell”, but the hounds of hell are running over this land for now. The kinder and more open hearted a person is? The least likely they are to survive without some kind of protection or preparation here.

This is how vampirism works. The more a person tries to help someone like that, the easier the job of the vampire’s is to then infiltrate and take over that person’s energy field. They plant implants which are weaknesses and channels of energy to that vampire.

Emotional Cues, Implants, and Triggers

These implants can be emotional cues which remind the host of past trauma or emotionally sensitive aspects of their own existence. These act as energetic ‘anchors’ through which they can be manipulated and located in time-space. These are literally vectors through which the person’s energy can be redirected and siphoned at the will of the vampire.

The vampire then utilizes “triggers” to influence and open up these access points. These become like gateways to the core of the vampire’s sustenance which then are used to feed on the energy centers of individuals.

The Vampires

These vampiric entities exist in the host bodies of humans and humans are spiritual beings that are expressing themselves in a physical biological body. So they are not physical, but etheric parasites, however there were tests done to show that these beings contain a form of sentience individual that is just strong enough to inhabit certain parasites like bacteria, viruses, or small biological leech-like parasitic entities. Meaning they can actually inhabit these kinds animals and experience existence through them.

When enough of them are inhabiting an individual human host, then “legion” can present themselves through the eyes of that individual and this has been known as a method and format of introducing the infection to the mental-emotional field of victims. The eyes are a scalar field gateway just like laser or IR receivers and transmitters and so they are a way of accessing the energy field.

Using The Mind As A Scalar Healing Device (along with singing bowls, natural elements/plant life, sunlight, and more)

The mind is a scalar healing device. This can be achieved by focusing the energy of the mind and emotion field into a laser like intensity. This focusing effect will produce a concentrated shift of energy in the direction of the intention of the individual where-ever the observation of this energy is applied. The intention-force is through the combined application of the focusing effect of the mind and the emotionally intensive effect of the heart or chest area. Then the whole body pulls power from the lower and higher energy sources together and there is a core of energy that sustains the individual.

A baby is born with this core intact. As a person ages or degrades spiritually and sways from the path of harmony, then this core becomes weaker and weaker.

This is why children are the easiest yet most efficient sources of energy for a vampire. As well, this is why children who are pure of heart are protected and this goes in hand with the idea of the Apocalypse and how the effects will be different to children than for adults.

The mind and energy field is a scalar device, the mind is the focusing aperture. The emotional release area is the intensity range or limiter. The core of the energy center is the spiritual power source for the human. The experiments, the toxicity, the wars are all produced to degrade this core and pull the energy from the human. There is protection but when people remove this protection by improper use of their mind, emotions, and body then they are more vulnerable.

The Power Of Voice

The voice is literally the most powerful healing tool. When this is known, when this is all taken in and achieved, the voice alone can create harmonious impressions in the psychic-field that are powerful enough to uproot energy/etheric implants, psychic parasites, and to heal and gently locate and vibrate emotional trauma.

The voice, observation and touch within the emotional and mental field of the healer is the most sacred and powerful part of this universe.

Waiting Until The Vampiric Energy Has Passed, Starve the Parasite

The vampiric, parasitic energy requires energy as the productive qualities are not present like in other beings who have retained a central core.

So these entities must feed. If they are around. They are feeding. If they are not feeding, they are not capable of remaining around for long. This is often described how they must “jump” (like in the movie Fallen, same description here) from host to host and they only have a certain amount of time to do so.

This indicates a few notions:

  • Observation is Key, when one is observing these entities, they can no longer go unnoticed and therefore remain without having to expend energy hiding themselves or cutting losses to energetic profits
  • Awareness and Observation is not enough, but as well, one must refuse to partake in the energy format that the beings feed on. This is as simple as lower emotional angst, hatred for one another or the self, disrespect, addiction, fear, lust, temptation and essentially the seven deadly sins
  • Once the above are achieved, there is a slow countdown that proceeds until the being computes that there is not enough energy at this source to continue in this area for long. After that the being will leave to preserve itself as that is their only nature. Then if this is repeated, the time it takes to convince them to leave becomes shorter and shorter.

The adepts of ancient and modern times can simply tell the beings to leave with conviction and sincerity, and this part is so important there should be another point:

  • Your Observation and Intention Is Most Powerful: Only you can permit this occurrence in your field. That’s it. The main thing about the vampire or any parasite is that they CANNOT break in. The human is the temple of “God”. Meaning they were created from the higher-dimensional into the lower, they didn’t just “pop-up” here, there is a plan. YET, if a person permits them to enter, then and only then can they enter into that temple. Otherwise the temple is sacred and protected via the soul of the human.
  • Even then, they can only enter holographic intrusions into the mind of the being in the form of visions, emotional or mental distractions or even horrors and they can’t truly take control. But people who do not know the situation may believe they can and thus the illusion of such could be experienced.
  • Our inner voice is ours and cannot be replicated. They can try to input emotional and mental stimulus and even external stimulus in extreme cases of energy leeching (when it calls for such on their behalf) but they cannot actually become or influence the human in any way unless they are allowed to.
  • Therefore the One, the individual human, is the most powerful source of authority in and around their body, mind and emotional energy field. The one who knows this can command their field and all parasitic entities around them. Therefore:
  • You have the right to dispel parasites with a simple command. But you must live in commitment to this and keep vibration high so that lower frequency action, belief, emotional, or bio-emissions are not sustained as this action speaks louder than words.

Now to understand why the original Sha were women, simply make the connection to the emotional sensitivity of the women and the required emotional sensitivity of the true healer in being able to achieve this role of healing.

The Spider-like Etheric Octopus Being

So to understand this, imagine how the various hosts would be tapped for energy and how the parasites hop from host to host through a higher dimensional field, essentially the psychic fields. So this is nearly instantaneous, like the descriptions of saying these beings “fly” like winged creatures, meaning they can move faster than the fastest man can run, they can “outpace” any “creature with legs”, from ancient depictions.

Thus you can see an overall ‘web’ of etheric entanglement. This web, over time, developed through the possession of humans to partake in these tasks, to create an etheric grid essentially a psychic grid over the surface of Earth which is used as an original information highway and this information is spiritual psychic entity travel and embodiment. Meaning this field is used to traverse Earth and contain the psychic entities and as well this contains the human souls that they are leeching off of .

Spiritual Maturity

As soon as humanity reaches a level of spiritual maturity, they can simply cast off the leeches like flees on a dog after running through a mountain stream or playing in a lake. Of course this does not always work and there have been countless wars that are achieved just as people begin to wake up to the situation, but we are at a point where this system will not be lost to an infestation at risk of permitting those infected humans to continue parading around like they are in control of themselves when they are not. This is not for everyone, but for most.

Observation In the Moment

“Nature never hurries, but through her, all things are completed.” So simply ask yourself, “is this natural”, if you are struggling, and the act of observation in the moment will bring about the answer as long as you are able to maintain a clear connection to the source of your emotions, your body and your mind.

Thus, the next and final step towards healing and protection is being able to remind yourself to continually check for self-observation, to continually return to center, and ask yourself these simple questions which will redirect your awareness back into the self in relation to the health and harmony of the spiritual self as the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Intel from The Bases

One notion that was given to me from my experiences in the bases is that Antarctica was chosen (amongst the other reasons) because the experimentation that was done there permitted them to release certain beast (either as a containment protocol to preserve themselves, or part of experimentation) and that these beasts were too far away from any other form of existence in order to survive and regain another host. They would thus drain out into a dormant or no-longer active form over the ice. As well, there were certain hybrids that escaped, and they merely froze over the ice. I do recall this as part of the ending in the movie “Fallen” and as well another show recently involving experimentation with black goo (sentient nanite technology) in Antarctica.

What do you feel?

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