A Painful Experience is Humility Disguised

I love you all so much. That was some crazy pain. Humility is much more useful instead of getting ahead of myself.

I was accessing some deep levels of awareness that are only found through the kinds of traumatic situations that are designed to produce such an effect. Anyone who has been may know of these kinds of flash backs. Luckily, the pain that was here was actually more…frightening because instead of the pain getting worse and then ending or moving to a new scenario, I knew it was just going to be this over and over and that it might change my physical body forever. The same kind of psychological “threat” is created through the mind control situations however they are largely there to design the world’s most carefully constructed illusion of an actual threat as far as one can possibly perceive. It’s about mind games. And then there is the idea of no-contact torture, healing serums, cloned bodies and more.

To wrap up that statement I’ll say this. Dislocating my shoulder 30-40 times was only the worse pain I had felt until I had seen kidney and bladder dilations to the point of wailing in agony, turning the toilet dark brown then red, and I’m fortunate that there is no surgery for this one.

I bring forth the energy required to manifest healing and this is what I do for myself and others. That is what is in my sight, I add vision and creativity to this while respecting the boundaries of others because plain and simple there was a time where I didn’t want healing or at least was using that to spite myself and others and part of what I feel just died within me today was the desire to continue any kind of spiteful behavior in the emotions, thoughts, or deeds for myself and others.

It is a spiritual war-zone up (or down) here and that is no exaggeration. It doesn’t have to be this way, but right now there is a level of miasma (pent up psycho-etheric injuries/scars) all over the morphogenic field of the Earth. Maybe it is more accurate to say that this is actually within the closer to ground level field of the mental and emotional bodies of people and that it only reaches the morphogenic field if our entire civilization completes their “run” and brings forth that negative entropy to the etheric level.

Right now we are working through this dense layer of etheric or psychic injuries and pent up energies and part what the various secret projects focused on was the very healing of these issues and energies on a psychological, psychic, and mental/emotional level. All of these words essentially refer to the same idea. The spiritual or immaterial essences of humanity that also organizes, synchronizes and links with the bio-mechanical and neurological functioning of the human and animal brain.

What is it that makes the human brain different from the animal? Is it the same concept, just much more complex? Is it the soul or the immaterial self, the “star on top” that allows one to navigate reality through a perspective far outside the basic animalistic programming which defines lower aspects of nature as well as our own instinctual psychology?

What freedom then, to choose, to act, to think, would separate humanity from the animal programing of instincts and lower behavior?

It would be to heal. To take control of the cycles of nature through the mind and to operate in and out of multiple layers of reality from communication with each other, healing through natural elements, constructing a modified yet natural or organic environment and maintaining harmony within that overall nature, while producing a more peaceful, healthy, and enjoyable experience for all.

Some may say that war in the most complex fashion that this occurs in this society, denotes a very high level of complexity. The pain and suffering is only worth it when we know what we are really doing and this is not to destroy one another but to protect one another and create a safer world for all. This process has been adulterated and corrupted so that people fight and die for reasons that are unknown to them and truly benefit only a few and not the whole.

The question is, can war still exist, in a way that benefits the whole? Or is the whole thing a sham?

All I can say is the pain and suffering teaches on humility and brings one closer together to each other and those they love and can rely on and this is a great gift to have. Pain and suffering comes naturally, no one has to start a war in order to gain that unless the war is mental and emotional but even then, where does that go if there is no resolution gained from these instances?

The physical pain is humbling and it too is a gift otherwise it would not be here, without the pain we cannot have the pleasure. Without the sadness there is no joy. Similarly, without the ignorance we do not have intelligence and so every “thing” must “start” some “where”.

Has anyone ever seen the beginning with their own two eyes? This seems very unlikely, so we don’t have access to the resources to determine the absolute why or how we all got here (yet, publicly). However, we can determine what the best possible outcomes are after analyzing the situation to detect the patterns and cause-effect relationships between variables, energies, situations, and people in order to bring about the best possible outcome which seems to be to get through the pain to experience the pleasure that we may someday share with another, to get through the sadness to bring joy to the world, and to rise out of ignorance so that we may peer out and discover the universe, our self, and each other.

Thanks for all who support me, I support not only your support of myself, but very often each one of your own endeavors because we reflect unto each other and the path of our pasts and futures are undeniably interconnected and influencing on another.

Now lets get back to focusing on these world issues and how this same pattern is taking place all over in larger or smaller ‘scenes’. Resources, intel, disclosure, a new ‘space race’, health and medicine, advanced technology and synthetic intelligence, zero-point energy, electrogravitic craft making more and more appears per the schedule, socio-political blunders, exposés, and more.

Another thing this experience helped me learn is to never assume another person is not in pain. Never assume one can go out one day and only see people are simply fine as can be and happy as you. Even being in pain, it’s unreasonable to assume others are not in pain. Further more, it’s not always accurate to assume that just because people are helping others that they are not too suffering within or physically or that those who are unable to help others are actually in pain themselves. This is part of the complicated matrix like situation of the life we are experiencing here physically, mentally and emotionally. There are layers upon layers of states and identities that form character and everyone’s layers of states, characters and identity is each a little bit (or a lot) different.

If one allows their pain to turn into disdain for the one who does not know how to handle that energy, then they have continued to the cycle of suffering. If one accepts that in some cases others will not be able to maintain composure and will take more time to calm and think reasonably, then that calm from within will spread to that other and allow them to find peace from the situation. Getting angry only makes the situation worse, even if the other individual is initially unable to comprehend the proper clarity form which to approach the situation. Disdain for them makes them more unstable and more incapable of rendering assistance. Loving them, even for their flaws allows them to heal that flaw through your love and allows you to continue to learn how to love more and more.

What do you feel?

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